Belkin SoundForm Mini On-Ear Bluetooth Kids Headphones - Pink

Belkin SoundForm Mini On-Ear Bluetooth Kids Headphones - Pink


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 Belkin SoundForm Mini On-Ear Bluetooth Kids Headphones - Pink

The Belkin SoundForm Mini on-ear headphones are made for your child.
 They deliver high-quality sound for learning or listening to music anywhere while protecting your child's hearing.
 With Bluetooth, these on-ear headphones are easy to connect to any device that works within a 10-meter range. Its 30-hour battery life means you won't have to charge it as often.

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What's in it?
On-ear mini headphones that are wireless
Cable for Micro-USB
3.5 mm Cable
Your kids will be comfortable wearing on-ear headphones with an over-the-head band and cushioned earphones for long periods of time.
Bluetooth technology is used in a wireless design. Within a 10m (30 ft.) range, it works with computers, phones, tablets, and other devices that are compatible but sold separately.
The 85dB volume cap helps protect your child's ears from damage.
When fully charged, the built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 hours, so a single charge can last the whole school week.
Your smartphone has simple controls that make it easy to play and pause music, mute it, and answer calls without using your hands.
Strong materials and a design that prevents accidents make for long-lasting use.
Compatible with a wide range of learning apps and devices to make them more useful


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